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There are many free conference call services available, but it is important to understand the benefits of each one. Some of them include video calling, while others only offer audio. Some have collaboration tools, such as a whiteboard, while others are only audio. While these may not be suitable for every business, small-scale businesses can usually live with a slight degradation of quality. On the other hand, larger businesses may be better off upgrading to a paid service.Another great option for free conference call services is Give Me a Concall. This service supports up to 96 participants and can last for up to six hours. 

When choosing a free conference call service, make sure you're selecting a reliable provider that offers the right features. Make sure you choose a service that works well on a mobile device, and which integrates with your existing tools. And remember that a free conference call service can be a good option if it offers paid add-ons. With free call recording, you can save money and still get quality calls from your conference.

There is no need to make reservations, and you can join any time you want. All you need to do is sign up online and receive your own dedicated phone number and access code. Once your account expires, you must sign up again. The downside of free conference call services is that they tend to have a small capacity.

While these services are not as robust as paid alternatives, they do offer a lot of features. For example, Line2's conference call software lets you create numbers for over 100 countries and integrates with your current CRM. You can also use their service to create custom calling schedules, and share content with your team.  Visit to join and organize meetings with your clients from  anywhere in the world. Aside from voice commands, you can use it to start meetings. Go To Meeting also offers a distraction-free commuter mode. It even allows you to do brainstorming sessions and use drawing tools and virtual whiteboard to share ideas.

Zoom is another free service with some excellent features. It is a video conferencing platform with easy-to-use tools for both participants and hosts. You can choose the background you want to use for the conference call and annotate in real-time. This software doesn't require any download and comes with a free mobile app. You can even record the calls with Zoom! If you're looking for an affordable conference call solution, Zoom may be your best bet.

RingCentral has an unlimited number of participants, a great feature for businesses. You can also send conference invitations via email to participants. RingCentral provides local numbers in over 50 countries. It also offers free call recording and allows you to share these recordings with others. The only thing RingCentral lacks is operator-assisted calls, but the free features outweigh the drawbacks. You can record the call and share it with others if you choose to. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic:


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